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Steve Collar

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Leadership is Steve's passion. He is a life-long leader and learner, placing the highest value on people and customers. Steve is skilled at creating a high trust collaborative culture is key to creative innovation, the lifeblood of a dynamic growing business. Steve's goal is to work collaboratively with CEO’s and senior executives to help them find real solutions to their most pressing challenges. He also loves developing a positive environment where members may confidently, and confidentiality share issues and find true value in the feedback received from members. If you would like to reach out to Steve, please email him at

Vistage Chair since 11/20/2020
Phone: (201) 707-3565
Serving these locations:

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Benefit from a business leader and mentor who is proven, experienced and unbiased. Dedicated to serving your best interest. Vistage CEO coaches are committed to their own continual learning and development to ensure they proactively provide the most leading-edge tools, resources and knowledge for the growth of your business. The relationship Vistage members build with their CEO coach is a game-changer, professionally and personally.

It is proven. Vistage CEO coaches — more than 800 worldwide — help today’s top leaders reach their next level of success.