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Chet Tart is a media executive, sales and talent Coach with over 35 years of seasoned broadcast experience from on-air personality, radio station owners, network executives and entrepreneurs, who has owned and operated small-to-mid size radio companies and was President of the Business Talk Radio Network. Over his ownership career, he (with a series of various financial and operating partners) owned, operated and improved stations in markets ranging from communities of under 50,000 to the “top 50” rated markets. Chet has coached sales and on-air talent for the past 20 years. He has raised over twenty-five million in capital for start ups. Chet is also a certified trainer for John Maxwell leadership system and certified with the Sander Sales Process. Chet Offers sales training for social media and software companies.

Chet currently coaching already effective companies, such as The Palm Beach Police and Fire departments and Palm Beach County government entities. Training has included basic leadership keys, fashioning a plan to construct a company’s core values and purpose plus develop a framework to craft a unique culture for each municipality. Today he is a one on one coach for CEOs and their leadership team. In 2016 Chet helped increase a broadcast division from barely breaking even to increased sales of 28 percent in 13 months.

In his career he has been consulted by Edward Deming of TQM to produce core quality backbone cultures. Chet coaches companies and individuals on business culture, hiring and delivering customized solutions that empower organizations. Chet was recently inducted in the Emerson College Radio Hall Of Fame 2014 and was nominated to service on the Board of Advisors. If you wish to reach out to Chet, contact him at

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